Seeking Back to the Future’s future

As an eight year old kid, I loved the Back to the Future films. My favourite was Back to the Future 2. I worked out how old I would be in BTF 2’s 2015 and daydreamed when we would be flying cars, riding hoverboards wearing self-drying jackets. Given the rate of technological progress we were experiencing in the 80’s, Director Robert Zemeckis, could be forgiven for anticipating such milestones in technological achievement come 2015. But no, computers seemed to have sidestepped into the pappy ‘social online experience’, which, from my perspective, is nothing more than a visual loudhaler for egotistical show-offs, teenagers and yet another opportunity for media moguls to make money (I exclude WordPress and blogging from this critique). We have had enough of internet geeks with their get rich quick schemes. Where are the scientists, the engineers, the designers who could potentially invent BTF’s future? I don’t want f**** Facebook I want technology that regulates the weather – so that people in Africa get rain when they need it to grow crops so that they don’t starve and (much, much, much lower down on the priority list) it would be nice for us UK dwellers to not be freezing our tits off as we approach June and also have something more to say to each other aside from the state of the weather. It would also be refreshing to buy a car without having to stress over MPG and CO2 emissions. There must be a guy somewhere who was inspired by the film and has got garbage to power cars? We are nearly there with the used cooking oil concept but not quite. What a change it would be to see bin men benefiting from the riches of alternative fuel and give the Arabs something to think about other than making snow in a desert and creating whopping big hotels – with all that money is that the best they could come up with?

And what’s with those micro scoot things? The wheels are tiny, the chassis is tinny and big boys and grown men look like complete twats riding them – BRING ON THE HOVERBOARDS!!

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. To support the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s website. I am seeking £1 a day from this blog – so it would be great if you could donate.

Thanks for reading.


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