Sleep deprived by baby? Jump on a motorbike

Yes I haven’t slept for 2 nights courtesy of my cold filled bambino boy. Karvol, Calpol and lots of steam filled bathrooms trips are only a temporary fix for a bad case of man flue and teething. Recognising the lack of sleep I am getting, my husband suggests it might be an idea to go out on my motorbike to ‘let my hair down’.

Why not? I say to myself but am stroppy when I put my biking stuff on as it takes so long to get ready just to whizz round the block (about a 6 mile round trip) which includes a fabulous straight road that I think has been there since Roman times (I wonder if the Romans were thinking about us bikers when they built them all those centuries ago). The wind was buffeting my helmet rather than blowing through my hair but it felt good and was convinced I was breaking the land speed record but when I glanced down at the speedometer it only said 80! I was insulted!

As I approached the last 2 miles tiredness hit me like a train and I knew I had to turn back from home. My body was willing but my tired brain waved the white flag. My trainer once told me how he nearly feel asleep on the bike once on his way home. He only woke up when his left hand slipped off the handlebar. I don’t know how that is possible. I don’t think I could ever be that relaxed on a bike. At every corner you have to think about the right line to take, while minding out for kamikaze drivers T-boning you and 6 foot deep pot-holes.

But boy did it feel good and strangely made me approach my 3rd night of no sleep with a little bit more zest. I thoroughly recommend it.

My husband is now talking about chopping my bike in and upgrading it to something with a little bit more ‘poke’ for him. But a) While my moments on a bike are rare, they are very very important to me when I do snatch a few moments away from work, home and family ….and b) Once you know how to ride a bike you don’t ever want to ride pillion again. I remember when I was struggling to manoeuvre the bike for the Mod 1 test when you have to push it from one coned off area to another. One of my instructors could see I was struggling so he said ‘give up and ride pillion’ and I told him to fuck off – he smiled and that’s what made me pass.

A bit of a short one today and I missed yesterday because I rode on my bike instead of blogging so another pound in the pot for Unicef. If you enjoyed reading this short but (I hope) sweet post please could drop £1 to Unicef.