God’s furniture and other tales

The most amazingly loud thunder and lightning storm occurred last night. Baby boy awoke immediately. I brought him into my bed only to find he ha wet himself and his bed. So while the rain was lashing it down and the angels were moving furniture (that’s what my gran used to say) I was stripping little man’s bed and giving him a shower (I dont know what it s about boys’ wee but it is potent – the public convenience smell starts at a young age).

When he was finally settled I then started to wonder about the animals. My dogs amazingly slept through it but my friend’s young mare did herself a lot of damage during the night trying to escape the noise. She crashed through a hedge and barbed wire fence and managed to pierce a large hole between her chest and leg. The vet was unable to stitch it so the next 24 hours are crucial because if she gets an infection I dont fancy her chances poor thing. She probably should have been kept in a stable over-night but she is on ‘grass livery’ so that was not an easy option. It is not possible to run horses on a shoe-string because sooner or later they need more than grazing and an insurance policy.

Apparently many other animals did themselves an injury last night. Have you ever tried to explain thunder to a three year old? Its not until you try and describe it that you realise how insane it is. Which is why some horses feel the bet alternative is to plough through a barbed wire fence.

The angels analogy  is a good one but if you are non-religious it can open up a whole can of worms in terms of questions and before you know it you are having a philosophical debate with a toddler.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.