Vicar of Dibley needs new blood

I have just become involved in our local parish council and it is like Vicar of Dibley but without the fun of Dawn French.

The worst part is everyone else bringing their thoughts to the table without consulting very much at all with the rest of us. For example, a major housing development of 50 dwellings in a small village raises a couple of the councillors’ eyebrows but only in as far as asking ‘why arent there more bungalows’…the idea being that all the future widows of the village will have somewhere to live. Aside from the fact that most housing need dictated by the council is for young people and families, once I am older and if I become widowed the last place I would ‘end up’ is in a bungalow in a country which seems to get wetter and wetter year on year. You wont see me for dust in seeking the sun……and maybe a hunky local guy called Mario.

At this meeting no members of the public turned up to hear about the development, I suspect, because they did not read the agenda on the village noticeboard……the council havent quite caught on to the web and social media yet…

But Parish councils play an important part in communities yet they do mot represent the majority of the local community’s demographic. Why arent more people below 60 wanting to play a part in making important decisions about their local environment….why are they happy to leave it to people who, arguably, have quite out-dated views? Time availability is a poor excuse as councils only meet once a month and are supported by clerks employed by the council to carry out councillor decisions.

So get motivated to have a say in your community and find out about being a parish councillor for your area.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.