A typical school fundraiser?

It has been a series of busy evenings, so the two blogs in a day attempt never really happened… so £1 in the pot to Unicef.

We went on a school quiz night and I am ashamed to say that the teachers’ team won for the third year running. The questins were particularly tricky, as my friend said, ‘you either know them or you dont’ which is a pretty obvious observation to make about any question, but I could see her point – you either knew the currency for Vietnam or you didnt, capital of Pakistan? World’s largest lake with an animal in its name, the European cities crossed by the River Danube….after a while our ears started to close-up to the questions as drink and chatter with the person next to you took hold. I was pleased o know the answer to one question…..finishing off the line to a Lady Ga Ga hit – and I got lots of pats on the back for that, which felt good after a drought of looking dumb. My husband, on the other hand, was so exhausted from his first fill week in a new job that he agreed to have a few glasses of wine. This happened to quite a few others and by the end of the night there were quite a few slurred words and the odd expletive – at one point, a man I had never seen before in my life came up to me and said ‘lovely to see you again’ and kissed me on both cheeks before I even had a chance to protest so I just smiled politely.

Just your typical school fundraising event really..

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.