Dogged with issues

We have dog issues. Two Jack Russell bitches, mum and daughter, vying for attention – both wanting to be top dog = a lot of tension and a dog’s hair away from a fight. There have been lots of fights, too many. They have drawn blood and I have had to visit the vet.

The problem is the daughter, she wants to be top dog and wants to pick fights over every possible reason to pick a fight over. When you add a three year old boy into the equation it gets very concerning.

So I have employed the services of a dog behaviourist,┬áthe doggy version of counsellors dealing with tearaway teenagers, who will provide us with an ‘action plan’ to tackle her behaviour.

I am hoping something works as there are mumblings of the ‘worst case scenario’ being re-homing – but if this was needed it would only be arranged with a friend or family member.

I hadnt realised how stressful it had become until my husband ook the dogs for the day and I was so relieved. Children are childs-play compared to grumpy dogs.

This blog is for Unicef.

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