Spotting the bully

There are times when a Mum has to step in and sort out problems with  their children’s friends, before it escalates into bullying. Earlier today I committed the cardinal sin of addressing the child in question without the parent present, because of the misery she was inflicting on my daughter and I couldn’t just standby and wait for ‘the right time’. So I asked her why she was being so unkind and she denied it all. So I told her what she had put my daughter through and why it was wrong to be so spiteful. She then broke down in tears backed by her older brothers, who were admirably defending her but nethertheless she needed to be told.

Afterwards a mother of another child then approached me offering her full support saying her daughter had been through the same treatment from this girl a year ago, the girl had even made spiteful comments at her daughter’s birthday party in front of the adults. I fed this back to the girl’s mother when she accused my daughter of the same spiteful behaviour.

At the end of the day we all want to protect our children but at what cost to the emotions of others. Knowing when and when not to get involved is a tricky one. My daughter does not cry easily so I knew this time it wasnt just a playground spat. I want her yo know when it matters, I have got her back. Suffering in silence is bad at 8 and dangerous at 14.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.