Skin deep

I have just de-fuzzed, smothered myself in a load of lotions and potions short of the the embalming process of the Egyptian Mummy and am ready for bed. The key to make us girls feel more feminine and less like the wild woman of borneo is a good pamper routine, fit for a celeb.

So here’s my tips if you have unruly frizzy hair, dry skin and a short fuse:

Hair: Juice’s ‘Knot Knotty’ followed by Paul Mitchell’s ‘Round Trip’ (a crucial bit of curly hair kit – so crucial in fact that when US customs seized it because it was too big for hand luggage, there were tears.

Skin: fac good old plain old Nivea Soft – I have sensitive skin and it is the only one that doesnt make it scream for mercyplus it is cheap like the budgie. Body – lashings of Body Shops body butter, whatever flavour you fancy (or whatever was given to you at Christmas). My flavour of the month is ‘Indian Night Jasmine’.

Mood: Tisserand’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ – rub on your pulse points and set sail to the Night Garden like Iggle Piggle.

Enjoy x

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.