Crafty ideas for Christmas

I am a fan of Kirstie Allsopp and all things that look nice round the home for next to nothing.

There are some people that like to have a ‘themed’ Christmas tree every year favouring one or two colours and storing or selling anything that clashes from previous years. We have more of an ‘everything from previous Christmases’ vibe to our tree, with clashing colours and styles mixed in with children’s decorations and the odd random bit of wrapping accessories. It looks more like someone detonated a bomb of random Christmas decorations near the Christmas tree and wherever they landed was the end result.

There are, however a few baubles that make me slightly wince to put on the tree, yet I don’t quite have the heart o consign them to another year in the attic without a festive outing.

However, the London department store Liberty, have come up with a brilliant way to ‘upcycle’ these baubles – check out their blog post for a fab idea for Christmas 2014.

(Sorry if for some people this is all a bit too early to talk about Christmas, but at least we are the right side of bonfire night).

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