Write it before you forget it

I write this so that when I am old and still online, I can reflect back on the early years and re-live those moments again (a time when Trump and Brexit will be viewed as a minor blip in political history with (hopefully) minimal damage to the rest of the world)….well you can only hope.


Most 5 year olds would do better than the 2017 American president – in fact most five year olds would make better political choices than the modern day electorate.

As he went to sleep today my son let out a big sigh and said “I dont know what job I am gonna do when I grow up!” He then asked me how long it will be until he is tall as Daddy – I think he was trying to work out how long he has got to make his mind up.

Another morning, I woke up to my son celebrating that he had finally managed to flush the loo (the button  is pretty hard to push with little fingers).

This blog is for Unicef – a charity that will no doubt need our help now more than ever – at the moment I cant believe decisions post Trump and post Brexit are going to be good for the world’s poor and vulnerable – most of whom are children.

Thanks for reading.


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