Big Kids eat out

My husband and I (God I sound like the Queen)…. well, we had a date night tonight thanks to my Mum babysitting for us.

After re-introducing ourselves to eachother (its been one of those weeks), we settled for a meal out (but on a budget). We chose  hamburger and fries at Five Guys ‘all the way’. After a week recovering from a tummy bug and effectively shrinking my stomach, I was initially concerned about shrinking it, but once my appetite kicked in the burger didnt touch the sides. As it was all over a bit quick, we decided to go for a drink afterwards but couldnt find a place that wasnt too pubby or clubby.

Then we saw a sign that for us was like bees to a honeypot  ‘creams -gelato, waffles, milkshakes’ and at 9pm. Sod alcohol we wanted a milkshake. Once inside our eyes were bigger than our tums and we shared a waffle with maple syrup,cinnamon and ice cream (yes I had a momentary break from the no sugar diet………and it was good). BUT, tiny tummy not used to lots of sugar = beat after a few spoonfuls.

Turns out we are big kids, genius idea to have milkshake and ice-cream treats available late evening in the middle of a British winter.

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Thanks for reading.