Bigger Digger, Bigger Bakes

It is baby boy’s birthday tomorrow and I have baked, cooked, assembled, organised and paid my way to (hopefully) a good celebration.

My daughter baked the cake with her genius idea of a cake inspired by his favourite book ‘bigger digger’. So all that was required was a chocolate cake tray bake (using Mary Berry’s recipe) (the muddy field) and a load of toy diggers and tractors planted on top.

Our wonderfully wonky oven, which is hotter on one side than the  other, baked it lop-sided. So I improvised by slicing the top off and padding out the other end. We baked another layer and I tried o counteract the hot spot by pushing the cake to one side ……it still came out lopsided. So I had a brainwave. I cut a hole in the middle of the cake, buried the digger in the cake and cut the middle bit into slices and piled them up like an earth mound on the  side of the cake that was low and rested the digger bucket on top. I then put one of the chocolate chunks of cake in the back of the dumper. It now looks as though the whole lop-sided look was planned.

We have hired a bouncy castle for the party, little man cant decide if he likes Frozen, Winnie the Pooh or Peppa Pig more, so they are going to let him choose which pictures he wants mounted on the side. The hire money is worth it just to hear him say ‘bounsy castle’ with his lisp to anyone who asks him about his party.

Not only that but his little girlfriend is arriving first thing in the morning tomorrow so that she doesnt miss his party (because her Mum has to go to London). Why do I feel this is a sign of things to come……

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