Parent break

Today myself and hubby had a rare chance to be together because it was raining. He couldnt work and the children were booked in with my Mum while I was supposed to be helping him with the job. They were still desperate to spend the day with Granny even though our plans had changed so myself and hubby found ourselves in the luxurious position of something to enjoy together without the children (and not the obvious….and slightly naughty option).

We went swimming.

I havent swam since July. Hubby hasnt swam since…..well he couldnt remember.

I used to be able to crack out 40-50 lengths without stopping, now I need to take a much needed breather after 4. Likewise with my hubby who has shifted from being a tree climber to an office worker so is less active. It is depressing how quickly fitness diminishes.

After 20 lengths we called time out and went for a well earned coffee and resisted the cakes. We enjoyed talking without interruptions about fixing toys, preparing food snacks and loo breaks. We also had a very civilised quite time flicking through the papers. Then we grabbed a baguette still warm from the oven in a local shop and set off for a walk with the two dogs without two little voices complaining of tired legs 5 minutes into the journey.

The same goes for the children too. My Mum gave them chocolate no questions asked and didnt balk if they asked for more. She role played with them til their heart’s content without forgetting seconds later and falling out of character or getting distracted my a mobile phone or an email. They also got plenty of ‘bosom time’ – lots of cuddles with my well endowed mother who did not pass those particular genes down to me. My baby son said to her once ‘I love your barbies’.

Kids need a break from parents too.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

Swimming for the better

I’m going to have to keep this blog post short as my eyes feel like pissholes in the snow, I am so tired. It is a lovely tiredness, if I could use such an adjective, because it follows the satisfying feeling of completing a challenge. Myself and my friend finished a 5k swim in an hour and a half, which included a couple of breaks as we took it in turns to support my daughter’s swim, whose performance was by the far the most impressive achievement.

She had been so worried that she wouldn’t manage the mile long distance of 64 lengths and I kept reassuring her that it would be manageable once she divided the distance into chunks of 20 lengths. After I had one my first 50 I went o swap with my friend to see how m daughter was doing and I couldn’t believe that she was two thirds of the way through without stopping. She just found her rhythm and kept going. She enjoyed it so much she wants to return next year and do 1oo lengths of the pool. Thus raising the bar for me and my friend to go for the 200 lengths distance.

What undoubtedly kept my daughter going was the support she had already received from friend’s and family – £155. Combined with me and my friend’s target, the grand total we raised was £355. If last night’s sport relief programme is anything to go by this amount will keep a several children in education for a year and will buy plenty of mosquito nets to stop the spread of malaria amongst children.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday evening.

I am blogging for Unicef, but this weekend please support the work of Sport Relief. The national campaign has raised £51 million with more money expected following this weekend’s activities.

Thanks for reading.