Apologies for being wrapped up in my own troubles at the moment but there doesnt seem to be any let up.

After being bucked off from a great height by a horse yesterday, my dog came off worse in a fight with another dog at least 6 times her size. It was her fault for picking the fight in the first place (she is a Jack Russell so believes she can take on any thing – in this case a pointer) but nethertheless, you start to worry when you see her being flung in the air from the jaws of another dog and blood.

At home, myself and my husband are co-existing in misery and playing the waiting game as to who is going to mentally break first.

My right arm is not faring well post-buck and I am finding it difficult to lift above my waist.

It would all be slightly more bearable if the sun was shining but a grey January day seems to be adding to the blues.

Then there is the great idea of having a dry January…..

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Life’s rich tapestry

Owing to a vile tummy bug, I have missed two blog posts so £2 in the pot to Unicef. Although now on the mend I have been hoping and praying the children dont get it as it makes you feel like death warmed up. I havent eaten since Friday eve and even then it was just toast.

The first day I felt rubbish I muscled through it and went on a 3 hour hack on a horse I ride for a friend, it was well worth the effort as I havent ridden such a good horse in ages, but it turns out he is going to be sold as they dont have enough time for him. Typical that when I want to help them out I cant because of a stupid bug. So I waved the white flag and went to bed.

My baby boy is nearly three and he has already got a girlfriend, in fact he was ‘married’ on Halloween. The older children performed a ceremony in the front garden of our local pub, then said ‘and now you may go on honeymoon’. He has been talking about how he is on honeymoon ever since. He also likes fireworks and is not the least bit bothered by the noise, every time we go outside in the dark he says ‘fireworks, fireworks’.

My daughter has ad a traumatic week with a girl that has been nasty to her, to the extent I have had to get involved. It tirns put she is going to be in the School Christmas play with her, so hopefully they will work things out……..part of learning about life’s rich tapestry.

This blog is for Unicef.

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October is the new August

It is that time of year when you start to get a tickle in your throat and a snuffle in your nose. That combined with two glasses of wine, a tummy full of curry and a day spent painting the garden fence meant bed beckoned early, minus the blog post – so £1 in the pot to Unicef, as per the fundraising initiative.

I admit it became obsessive yesterday – a wooden fence, a large tub of green paint, kids occupied, a dry October day – it didnt get better than that – it was project paint the fence.

I also got paint on my face, hands, trainers, jumper and jeans. As it was green I looked slightly mouldy, perfect for Halloween preparations. The children were having fun in the front garden in the ‘trench’ that had been dug up for the new car park area. Every now and then I went to check on them and tried not to look at how muddy and brown their faces and clothes were quickly becoming.

Sometimes doing things on impulse, just because the weather is good and doing an activity that doesnt cost anything or requires you to drive anywhere can be immensely satisfying. During the day I turned a brown fence green, while I turned green too and the children turned brown. Not often you can enjoy so much quality time outside in late October.

Today I went out on a ride on my friend’s horse, when he went loony after my Jack Russell decided to chase and bark at him while were cantering along. But she had a grin on her face the entire time, which gave her something else to think about other than picking a fight with her Mum.

We then got the boat out of the water for the winter and my son enjoyed feeling for barnacles on the hill while my daughter helped scrub seagull poo off the deck.

Turns out October is the new August.

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Surprise vacancies

Every now and then I decide to have complete memory failure over my previous baking and cooking attempts and embark on a new chapter in my home-baking career.

These attempts are normally assisted by Tana Ramsay whose book on family cooking seems to understand the need for Mums to freeze things and prepare stuff in advance to reduce cooking time.

She also understands that every once in a while us Mums need me time, and highlights the benefits of kneading dough, to exorcise the frustrations of life and build up a bit of upper arm strength at the same time.

So, I decided to make my own dough and I was surprised how satisfying a process it was to create a dough and the bake it into ‘danish pastry pizzas’. It was particularly surprising to find that they were edible.

Today had a couple of other surprises in store….

I had the chance to go riding this morning (I dont have the money to own a horse I hasten to add, I just bum free rides when owners need their gee gees exercised…..in the boom time I used to get paid for it).

I encountered a ‘bridleway closed’ sign. It wasnt on a big red road sign but there was a diversion (smack bang in the middle of nowhere). I followed the diversion and came across a muddy bit which we ploughed on through until my horse’s rear legs appeared to give way. He had been sucked into a vat of clay. He is 17.2hh so for him to slip like that is highly unusual. By the time he recovered we had clay everywhere even up on his cheek and by his ear.

I later went to collect my baby boy from pre-school and discovered that at the tender age of 3 he had been chosen to play Joseph in the nativity (mainly because he is like a parrot and will repeat everything you say – none of the other boys in the pre-school were that interested in saying the lines). So he now has his first script to learn. My daughter was Mary when she was at the pre-school,so she is thrilled that he is following in her footsteps.

When we picked her up from school and told her, she immediately launched into rehearsals and asked baby boy to repeat ‘Is there any room at the Inn?’

He said…..’no’

Think perhaps he should be the innkeeper.

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Thou shalt not trespass…….much

My apologies for last night’s missed post – I had writer’s block and simply couldn’t get past it, so £1 in the pot to Unicef.

I am generally a rule breaker. There are quite a few of us out there, the ones who question before they obey. I didnt stand a chance when you look at my parents. My dad didnt last very long in the Navy. He went awol twice and ended up in military prison a couple of times. As a joke Mum sent him a nail file and a bit of string while he was inside.

My Mum is almost as bad. She is the first to go the wrong way round a supermarket car park to jump traffic and get a space. Perhaps her finest hour was when she discovered catholicism to get a discount on fees for my attendance at a catholic school. I then proceeded to drive the nuns mad over my 5 year tenure by dying my hair, wearing my skirts too short and talking in class (all of which are standard in most secondary schools, but convents are a tad stricter).

Today my good old rule breaking attitude came back with a vengeance when I rode past a ‘private property’ sign. When i bumped into the grumpy gamekeeper I feigned ignorance and pretended to make my way back (as it turned out I had to turn back anyway as there were a load of pigs at the end of the drive and the horse I was riding is scared ****less of pigs. For some reason they dont want you trespassing because it ‘disturbs’ the pheasants. But if you have a gun, that must be a different matter?

Perhaps my worst trespass on a horse was on MOD land. Its OK when the red flag isnt up – it was up on that day and for some idiotic reason I chose to ignore it………KABOOM! ………….So I turned back for home.

This blog is for Unicef.

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