Thanks goodness for the NSPCC

The NSPCC sent me an email regarding child safeguarding campaigns inviting me to contact all police and crime commissioner contacts calling on them to prove what they would do to react. The NSPCC did all the donkey work for me and i received two responses – one from the conservatives and one from labour – 2 out of 7 candidates. I am aware that they probably had the staff yo man their inbox but both email responses were good and timely. It’s great when you feel democracy works. Let’s just see what happens after the elections. 

Today I also reported an incident of child abuse to the NSPCC. I had observed a couple of incidents over the past month on my way in to school and I witnessed the same mother again not caring for her son, this time when he fell and cut his head open. She seemed to be accusing him of causing himself the injury – a 6 year old. This was a busy school run with lots of people about but she was aggressive and antagonistic towards her young child. I wondered if she is like this in public then what is she like behind closed doors? It is tempting to look the other way and many people do. But how many children could have been saved if less people had turned their backs? 

My children are growing up too fast and I feel like I should be filming every minute to savour this time. My son now says water instead of mortar. But he still has a brilliant alternative to difficult (diccifult) and certificate (I can’t even type it). 

My daughter is at that wonderful age where she is still loving playing and being a child but has a growing maturity that means you get to have some fantastic and interesting conversations. Every day I am thankful that I am a parent, even on the bad days. So to witness the consistent abuse and neglect of a child in a world which does not tolerate such behaviour is incredibly saddening. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

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Boatateering begins again!

It’s Spring and for boat lovers, the faint whiff of anti-foul paint, oil and the sound of freshly unfurled sails heralds the start of the new season.

For me, I become ‘the bad wife’. The annual boat ‘lift in’ (the water) date happened to clash with my BFF’s birthday and childcare was already planned to make way for a day if indulgence. This ┬áincluded a drive in a Jag F Type followed by spa. What more could a lady want?

I was not one of the mothers at the quayside chasing her young children around in between getting a boat habitable while hubby has his head in an inboard engine. No, I had better things to do with the breath in my body (neither do I feel particularly valuable staring at my husband’s back while he curses at some boat related issue that I can offer no assistance with…..I look up to see another woman standing in the cockpit looking down towards the cabin while her hubby also bangs and curses …. We both give each other a knowing look).

On my return, my hubby does the usual threat of ‘selling her’ as I am not doing enough to help him ( he means the boat not me….at least I think that is the case) – a threat that my children don’t even pay any attention to as he has threatened it so many times. I call his bluff and then I have his boating balls in my hand.

Already looking forward to another summer on the Isle of Wight. Yippee!

I love it really…..

This blog is for UNICEF and their work to protect children and families in crises – from Syria to Burundi.

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