Women save the world – says Sir David Attenborough

I bought The Big Issue Christmas edition today and there were some brilliant articles in it including an inspirational and insightful interview with Sir David Attenborough. This following extract from the story shows that David has hit the nail on the head when it comes to women’s rights and the problems of an ever-expanding population:

He contemplates how our profit-led, corporate, growth-above-all culture of individualism and materialism is destroying everything else (and will eventually destroy ourselves) citing over-population, as ever, as “the fundamental problem: there are three times as many people in the world as there was 50 years ago.” All these people, he reiterates, need “food, homes, motorways, which all come from the natural world so its not surprising the natural world is under great stress.” The immediate solutions are, in fact, the principles of feminism.

“Wherever women are masters of their own fate, wherever women have the vote, wherever women have proper education and medical facilities, birthrate falls,” he notes, with great emphasis. “That’s everywhere. And so richer countries should assist the less rich countries to achieve just that.”

(from The Big Issue, Christmas Edition No1133, December 2014)

Here, here Sir David!

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