Clouds and silver linings

OK a bit perturbed by some grizzly findings earlier.

First I went to feed the fish to find one flat and glass-eyed and very dead at the bottom of the bowl. Meanwhile the other one just swam around in increasingly putrid waters. I quickly cleaned the bowl out and changed the water but didnt have the heart to just discard the dead fish in the bin. I remember when I was about eight my rabbit died and my Mum told me that it had gone to apet cemetery. An hour later I put some rubbish in the outside bin and found dead ‘Starsky’ lookin at me on top of all the rubbish. I was mortified. Mum had simply discarded him ready to be crushed in the back of a bin lorry – that was in fact her equivalen pet cemetery. From then on I took whatever Mum said with a pinch of salt. I am also incapable of putting dead pets, no matter how small in the bin. There are slugs bigger than our dead fish but no ‘Princess’ (yes thats the name my daughter christened the fish with …… although the other one is also called Princess). These fish are Silver Clouds so they are miniscule, yet you couldnt have chosen two different fish if you had tried. One ‘Princess’ was hyper active and aggressive, tormenting the other one constantly, while the other fish was very laid back. This became more apparent when taking them out to change the water, one would have a fit and try and jump out of the net, while the other would lie very still until back in the water again.  I actually preferred the chilled out one, but that was the one that died. So now the hyper one is swishing round the bowl either hunting round for its friend or its memory. The dead one is wrapped up in kitchen towel outside, waiting for the right moment for me to tell my daughter. Maybe I will wait until she has noticed only one is in the bowl….

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.