The energy to go green

We are currently fuelling our heating on oil to keep the Arabs in their plethora of 4×4’s and supercars (well us and hundreds of thousands of others). This is getting a little boring. As the temperature outside goes down, so does our oil levels and then it is another £350 to get it topped up again – you can easily eat through £1000 getting warm. So we are keen to find alternatives that save the earth and our pockets.

Wood would be good as we get it for free so things like wood-burning boilers, Rayburns and wood-burner back-boilers might be a possibility.

Check out this website – A greener alternative – if you want to get off dependence on fossil fuels and start living some of the good life.

We are going to get a visit from them soon so will let you know the cost…

At least it (hopefully) wont cost the earth (literally).

This blog is for Unicef.

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