The Goonies and growing

Hubby is away tonight at my Dad’s stag do so my daughter begged if she could stay up a little while longer. I relented and said she could watch my fave kid’s movie from the 80s The Goonies.

I remember it freaked me out every time I watched it as a child and watching it with my daughter, It still freaks me out but thats part of its charm. Kids love a bit of peril in movies and it was great to see my daughter lapping every moment of the film up and jumping at every time I used to jump….then rolling her eyes at ‘typical boys’ and their antics in the film. “Boys are so useless” she said to me at least a couple of times.

My friend said I should start thinking about having ‘that talk’ with my daughter but I dont want to do it too soon. She thinks that her Daddy moulded her like playdough as if children are born at the potter’s wheel. I like that idea and dont want life to get complicated for her yet. But on the flip-side I know she is going to be an early developer, like me and that hormones and an interest in boys is around the next corner.

My friend also said that when I decide to do it, I should flick the lights off so that we dont see the embarrassment on eachothers faces. But I dont like the idea of discussing things in the dark . I want her to see it as a positive experience, like the viewpoint of Barbra Streisand in ‘Meet The Fockers’ – for a child that would be acutely embarrassing but at least she would get the right message about sexuality.

Now the challenge of keeping the belief of Father Christmas alive is the least of my worries as my daughter grows up…..

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