A monkey nativity

Today my baby boy, just turned three, played the part of Joseph in his pre-school nativity. Prior to his performance, my Mum took us all put to our local pub for lunch and he ate half his bodyweight in chocolate ice-cream. We were all treading round him on eggshells today, keen not to upset him or over-tire him so that he would be on good form.

He was all willing to dress up as Joseph and then when the pre-school leader, affectionately known as ‘Auntie Carol’, took him down to the stage were all his other ‘tiny friends’ were, he freaked out. So I followed him down the aisle to the stage and tucked myself behind his little chair to calm him down (and swapped his toy sheep that went with his Shepherd’s outfit, for his comforter toy ‘Monkey’). Throughout the performance he sat patiently next to Mary and calmed down enough that I could leave his side.   He said all four lines with a little help and was happy to stand in front of everyone o say them (while clutching monkey).

When it was time for him to walk with Mary down the aisle, he was happy to hold her hand and walk through the audience (while Auntie Carol held monkey). But later on in the play when they were all singing he just suddenly started to cry, so I hopped up and sat with him again, but as I sat down I knocked the Joseph and Mary pictures on the wall off, so had to keep putting them back up.

Afterwards there were pictures, and baby boy was still intermittently crying, which didn’t help with the publicity photos, but when it was all over and he had the freedom to play with his girlfriend Sam, he was grinning from ear to ear and we all breathed a sigh of relief that he hadnt been mentally scarred by the experience and had managed to keep the show on the road.

Our 3 year old did good.

This blog is for Unicef, thanks for reading.