On the wrong side of an orchid

You will not believe what my husband and I were up to this weekend.

Yes we were arguing (have been doing that a lot lately over work, money etc). However, this time we were arguing about……

An Orchid plant.


Well according to my husband it was. He didnt want me ‘wasting my money’ on ‘tat’ ‘cluttering up the place’.

It cost all of £5 and will hopefully last a very long-time, if I find it a good position (this proved to be another bone of contention). I thought the humidity of the bathroom would be a good place but was told that was ‘ unhygienic’ (and he wasnt even being funny). So he took it downstairs, I then took it upstairs. He then put it outside, I then brought it inside. Meanwhile our children were looking at us as though we were….children.

My daughter later said, ‘well what do you expect Mummy you didn’t ask for his permission’. Shocked that my daughter was speaking like a child from the middle ages, I immediately set to on updating her on the last two centuries of women’s rights milestones to bring her up-to-date.

I then explained to my husband that if he ever stole the Orchid in a bid to rid the house of flora and fauna, I would keep buying Orchids for £5 each until we rivalled the glasshouse of the Royal Horticultural Society.

My husband is minimalist, I am only at home if surrounded by books, art, flowers and objets d’art. What can you do?

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.