Thou shalt not trespass…….much

My apologies for last night’s missed post – I had writer’s block and simply couldn’t get past it, so £1 in the pot to Unicef.

I am generally a rule breaker. There are quite a few of us out there, the ones who question before they obey. I didnt stand a chance when you look at my parents. My dad didnt last very long in the Navy. He went awol twice and ended up in military prison a couple of times. As a joke Mum sent him a nail file and a bit of string while he was inside.

My Mum is almost as bad. She is the first to go the wrong way round a supermarket car park to jump traffic and get a space. Perhaps her finest hour was when she discovered catholicism to get a discount on fees for my attendance at a catholic school. I then proceeded to drive the nuns mad over my 5 year tenure by dying my hair, wearing my skirts too short and talking in class (all of which are standard in most secondary schools, but convents are a tad stricter).

Today my good old rule breaking attitude came back with a vengeance when I rode past a ‘private property’ sign. When i bumped into the grumpy gamekeeper I feigned ignorance and pretended to make my way back (as it turned out I had to turn back anyway as there were a load of pigs at the end of the drive and the horse I was riding is scared ****less of pigs. For some reason they dont want you trespassing because it ‘disturbs’ the pheasants. But if you have a gun, that must be a different matter?

Perhaps my worst trespass on a horse was on MOD land. Its OK when the red flag isnt up – it was up on that day and for some idiotic reason I chose to ignore it………KABOOM! ………….So I turned back for home.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.