life’s a bitch

Having spent £150 on a dog behaviourist session, I am now another £50 lighter having bought special ‘non hyper’ dog food and a collar that gives off a special type of pheromone normally reserved for lactating bitches (milky mums). This is supposed to have a calming affect on a tense or nervous dog. I have bought it on the advice of the behaviourist and in the hope that it will calm the daughter Jack Russell so that she doesnt pick any fights with her Mum.

Naturally when purchasing the collar, I wondered if there was something similar on the market for us humans – no doubt it will be turned into some kind of calming ‘loom band’ but maybe with more of a lavender pong than breastmilk……..nice!

The clicker training distraction technique is also working, with my daughter and I taking it in turns to train the daughter Jack Russell. Only problem is we are now fighting over methods of training etc.

They say in the dog world it would not be normal for two mature bitches to be living in such close quarters and this is what causes ”bitch fights’ in domestic situations. The remedy is either to re-home one of the bitches or deploy a lot of distraction and calming techniques (in other words behave as if she is Mariah Carey or Naomi Campbell).

Methinks there are many similarities between the dog world and ours…….

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