Red, green or in-between?

Last night I suddenly decided to put in the effort to sort my politics out.

Last time I voted Lib Dem and felt very let down when they sided with the Tories – I have lost all faith in them as a result.

I voted Green for the European elections, so I had a look on their website detailing a comprehensive manifesto and their policies shape a society pretty close to my ideal (with me on a good day – speeding and fast cars being my vice). Here, here to discouraging the pointless ownership of SUVs, commencing academic education at 6 instead of 5, abolishing SATS and too many tests and removing charitable status from private schools. Everything under their wildlife, farming and rural sections put a smile on my face but the biggest hit has got to be the fact that this party is the only one serious about protecting our world from further destruction and preserving what we have left for future generations. They are bold policies that would make a significant difference to the lives, well-being and environment of so many and would finally bring this country into the modern age – whereas at the moment it feels we are going backwards held back by a population dominated by the politics of the out-dated post-war baby boomers – I am being ageist. However, it seems to be predominantly the older generation that keep the bloody Tories in power.

I have emailed Labour, having reviewed their website, to say that 3 headlines per department does not a manifesto make – the site reads like a newspaper and I, like a lot of hesitant potential labour voters, have an attention span that is longer than 3 tabloid style headlines and a temperance that finds opening paragraphs bashing Cameron very annoying. I dont give a monkeys what Cameron says/said – what do Labour stand for – what are the policies IN DETAIL? We dont want political puff.

I also emailed the Greens to say if I gave them my vote and the votes went toward a coalition – who would they partner with? I do not want to chuck another vote away this time round and unwittingly keep the backwards blues in.

As for UKIP – if they come to power it will be brilliant for the UK population and local wildlife – everyone will have fled in fear of a society that resembles Biff’s 1985 in Back to the Future 2….gulp….maybe that’s what the baby boomers really want?

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.