What do you say to a grieving mother?

It is hard to comprehend the sudden loss of a child,

While seconds stretch like a chasm between then and now,

There is no respite in time, no minute that pauses for breath in grief,

Which reflects on the face of motherhood, exhausted by those days that should have been.

Nothing overrides fate, no sibling, no distraction. Diversion is empty,

While there is life all around there is hope that weighs like a rock in already heavy hearts,

Memories must be kept alive, that is where loved ones are safe,

Grief is a shadow, its purpose constant, even in the darkest place.

A mother’s grief silences everything, the whole world shifts on its axis. Everything changes except the one thing that a parent wants most of all in this life.

I met with a beautiful Mother today who lost a beautiful three year old daughter.

This post is dedicated to her amazing family and their story. Once you have read the story, visit their Justgiving page to find out more about their little girl’s legacy.

Thanks for reading.