A break from Diet Coke breaks

If there is someone ‘up there’ (as in amongst the clouds….not, the, um, other type), I am convinced they are setting up some kind of temptation challenge this week.

Thankfully the cycle course has finished so I can stop trying to resist the temptation to be an out and out flirt with the hot instructor (although I will have to see him again when he comes to observe one of my sessions……..as if I need more distraction).

My husband asks me to collect the guy working for him as he is out for the day and the guy doesnt drive. So, I show up and ask the guys from the neighbouring unit where he is. “He is log-splitting over there”. So I follow the track up to where they are pointing and as I turn to the woodshed the music starts up…..you know from the Diet Coke break. He is topless, check, toned, check, tanned, check, good-looking check and the cherry on top – swinging an axe in the Autumn sunshine.

I tried not to stare. But when he saw me I think I blushed, I also felt the desire to avert my gaze as I didnt trust myself not to stare for longer than was polite.

As he gathered his belongings and walked back to the car with the axe on his shoulder, I kept wondering whether it was me or the environment I suddenly find myself in where all these fit men have come out of the woodwork. But its not a good thing to happen because it reminds me of when I was 17 but Im not 17, Im more like Judi Dench in Ladies in Lavender.

This blog is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.