Shun shun sugar

OK, sugar free 2015 isnt going well.

I had been doing well since July 2014, then along came Christmas…had a minor fall.

Then along came my birthday….so a continuation of Christmas.

Then along came a load of life’s s*** which made me turn to sugar.

Then along came Aunt Irma (AKA my period)… more sugar.

Then just when I thought I was getting better and not being too naughty by eating a hot cross bun, I decided the hot cross buns were some of the tastiest I had ever had (thought to myself maybe the ones I had bought before were a bit too bland) so I decided to have another one. As I was licking my lips I glanced down at the plate and noticed a couple of chocolate smudges…CHOCOLATE! I then checked the packet and yes, for some bizarre reason, I managed to consume rare hot cross buns containing belgian chocolate and fudge….and I spread butter on them thinking they were plain old currant…AAAH I now can feel the bun progressing to my larger buns as I type. The hips will be bulging like a muffin top over my jeans before the month is out if I carry on like this.

Well, as Scarlett O Hara said, tomorrow is another day – I will wake up shunning sugar for life…

I will keep you updated on how that goes..

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.