Made-up over business as usual

Missed another blog post last night…was out drinking with the girls (well one small glass of red followed by copious amounts of tap water as I was driving plus red wine seems to dry me out the minute it passes my lips). One of our party had already consumed ome alcohol before she arrived so she wa considerably merrier than we have ever seen her before (normally quite reserved in the school playground…amazing what she had in her once the drink was flowing – i was so impressed by her strong views on school manageent I suggested she should run for Governor – no seriously she was good). I used to find (and still do) that desoite the dryin effects, I am far more articulate after a glass. You would think it would be the reverse but actually it helps to remove some of the filtery, thinking process that you normally go through so you just come out and tell it how it is. Maybe Paxman would get even better results if he spiked the dressing room drinks of politicians before a broadcast?

I now owe nearly £50 to Unicef in missed blog posts (the fundraising element of this blog) but I am sorry to say I spent that in The Body Shop on make-up in anticipation of my new job. I dont normally wear make-up but recently a few people have commented on how tired I look even when I am not tired – so basically my face is now old and tired. NOT a good look for starting a new job. So while I did baulk considerably at handing over a card to pay for beauty polyfilla, I considered it to be more of a long-term investment – even if I am tired on the inside the outside will declare ‘business as usual’.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.