Best Man to Mickey & Minnie – a toast

Today, I welcome guest blogger – my husband. I have downright plaigiarised his best mans speech material – the names have been replaced to protect the innocent (or not so).


Tom x

Mickey & Minnie welcome to the world of marriage, marriage number 2!  run Mickey run!! its never too late.  No only joking.

At last finally married! I have known Mickey my father in law for as long as i have known Tom  which is about 18 years.  And Minnie i feel like i have known for life. Minnie now my mother in law who which is a wonderful Gran to our kids,  who both of them feel like life long companions to both Tom and me.

i have to say, that there has been one thing i always wanted to do after all these years and that is to wind up Mickey  Because for as long as he has known me Mickey always has to tease me whether it is the car i have or something which i have done he will always has a joke ! because he knows i’m a easy target,

For the people who didn’t know, Mickey needed to go to the loo while we were on the stag night as you do.  Rather than checking the signage before enteri ng he thought sod it i go in regardless.  Now as he sat in the toilet he heard women’s voices. And thought to himself what’s going on?

So he stepped out of the cubicle and saw the lots of ladies standing there  then suddenly it dawned on him that he was in the wrong place and said oh ops sorry and swiftly walked out! then finally managed to find the mens toilets. he came back to our table looking very embarrassed, Then Mickey told us about his little adventure and we just fell about laughing with me nearly choking on my beer.   This quite frankly is the best thing i had ever seen Mickey do,  for the rest of the  night i made jokes about the ladies toilets.  i would imagine a Senior moment happened there .

But moving on a more serious note,  as why we here today  I can honestly say that i could not find a happy couple than these two.  So i congratulate on the Happy married couple and wish them all the very best for the future.  So glasses please everyone and cheers.  Can i lastly say i would like to thank everyone in involved to help organise Mickey and Minnies wedding  so once again raise your glasses please and cheers.

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The perfect match, is he out there?

My friend has had to make a tough call and pull the plug on a relationship with a man who can, at best, be described as a commitment phobe. After three years she can no longer wait for him to ask her to go on holiday together, let alone move-in. He still has his ex-girlfriend visiting his house to see his dogs and has even been spotted going out with his ex for ‘the occasional drink’. The worst thing is, it was him that proactively sought my friend for a relationship even while he was still living with his ex. My friend refused to start anything until he ended the relationship with his current girlfriend. Two weeks later he turns up on her doorstep having booted his ex out of the house and ended it. Three years later he does the same to my friend and she didnt even get the chance to live with him.

My friend is one of those rare breeds of people who put others before themselves and have nothing but good intentions, no hidden agendas. She deserves happiness yet she only finds the opposite with the men in her life (a bit like Kylie Minogue).

She is in her mid thirties and wants children and marriage (in no particular order).

I am hoping once she has re-grouped she will go on and find the man who is drinking the same brand of orange juice as her while he waits for his path to cross hers (aka Sleepless in Seattle).

In the meantime I will patiently wait for the day when we can go wedding dress shopping (I DO have an agenda!).

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Old Stags rule

My Dad wants to go on a stag do in the run-up to his wedding on Valentine’s day next year. He has already appointed my husband as best man. While hubby is honoured to be in this respected role he is quietly pooping himself because a) he hates public speaking (I wrote his groom’s speech when we got married) and b) he doesnt particularly relish the idea of spending a day and possibly a night with a load of 60 plus men getting hammered.

But as a son-in-law he knows he needs to be supportive and do whats right for the old man.

So, what do you do on an old man’s stag do?

Karting was an option, but ruled out because of a few dodgy knees in the group. A visit to a strip club not good for weak hearts and marital relations.

For some reason, my Dad fancies going to Guernsey. But what do you do in January apart from freeze?

I definitely think there is space in the market for dedicated excursions for old stags.

I just need to find something that will remind them of what it was like to be young but within the parameters of old age…..

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