Go slow? Not in the country….

Just returned from a Vicar of Dibley meeting. In addition to hurrying through the agenda so we could all get back for British Bake Off, I found myself scaling stairs so vertical you needed a climbing kit, into the dark webby environs of the Village Hall attic in order to locate some documents.

I had watched The Woman in Black the night before so I was more nervous than usual about venturing in to dark rooms.

During the meeting we talked about community speedwatch schemes and a woman in her eighties complained about the ‘irresponsibility of bus stop Mums who cross in front of and behind buses’ and when white lines and ‘slow’ signs were mentioned they were dismissed as not required because it would ‘urbanise’ the environment. Apparently measures to¬†encourage drivers to slow down are OK as long as they look good. I often find the worst speed culprits in areas that really should be 30 mph¬†are OAPs. Its that classic debate between young and old. I think my generation feel pedestrians and cyclists have more rights on roads than older people.

We also grew up with ‘slow’ signs.

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