Trees, bears and boys

Despite weather reports of rain, myself, baby boy and my daughter brandished our gold and silver paint pots and got to work on turning our little Hazel sapling plucked from the middle of the woods to a glammed up Christmas tree – yes we ‘upcycled’ a tree.

The trunk was painted gold and the branches silver then we left it to ‘dry’ while we set off to our nearest Cinema to watch Paddington Bear. It turned put to be quite a long film and I was very impressed how long baby boy remained in the booster seat contentedly munching on popcorn and slurping water. We all enjoyed the film and didnt feel so worried about spending the money to see it as the children went free thanks to a Warburtons promotion (where I became momentarily obsessed with purchasing Warburtons half and half bread to claim the promotional codes for tickets. I found the film all the more endearing as Paddington’s face reminded me of my dog.

There was also a teenage girl in the film who reminded me of my daughter except my daughter is nearly 9 and already developing ‘a thing’ for boys. When I mention this to other Mothers they talk as if my daughter is unusually young. I actually had my first crush when I was 8 so maybe its in the genes. He was a boy called Delwyn from Wales. You never forget a name like that.

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