Dow Chemical – a 30 year legacy of horror

Yesterday marked 30 years since the chemical factory explosion in the town of Bhopal, India, when thousands of women, children, men and the elderly succumbed to a toxic gas that killed most and maimed hundreds more. Since the disaster the American firm responsible avoided both the compensation to the victims and any clean-up operation because they were bought out by Dow Chemical who refuse to take action on Bhopal.

Because the factory is still rotting into the surrounding environment, toxic chemicals are leaking into the local community’s water, causing pregnant women to give birth to children with deformities and general health problems in the local population. It is shocking that a Western Company has been allowed to kill and maim so many people and continue to maim people 30 years after – this would not be permitted in the UK or the US or any other developed country without serious repercussions – so why have the victims not received the help they deserve in India? Why is there not a huge political and mass public opinion backlash?

Thanks to charities such as the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which provides medical help in India to all those affected, there is hope for Bhopal. Now I want to see hope for humankind when the perpetrators, Dow Chemical, are finally brought to justice and made to pay for the clean-up of the toxic factory that continues to pollute today.

This is a Unicef blog but for today, this blog is for Bhopal.

Thank you for reading.