Good news gives

I received an email from Oxfam today. I clicked on it, wincing, in preparation for what horrible headlines and images would greet me to make me feel bad and want to do something despite money being tight. Refreshingly the newsletter led with an incredibly positive story about how people were successfully rebuilding their lives following Typhoon Haiyan. Another story followed about how the charity’s team are pulling together successfully to fight Ebola. I then wanted to click on their website and find out more. Other good stories popped out including children in a UK primary school who had used their points for good behaviour to buy an Oxfam gift to an African village of a chicken. Other gifts include a goat, seeds, medicine, food etc. Oxfam even offer a wedding list service to buy resources for people in need – makes a refreshing change to John Lewis.

In fact, it is not penguins that should be making us coo with sentimentality during Christmas adverts, its people pulling together to help others.

With the opportunity to buy vintage designer wear through the Oxfam site and even wedding dresses there is now the opportunity to indulge in some shopping and know that you are helping society in the process – genius!

I received a letter from the NSPCC and on the envelope there was a picture of a depressed child and a slogan about tears not joy at Christmas. I couldnt face opening it, so decided to wait until later. Now I cant find it and suspect my husband may have put it in recycling for fear of the clash between our budget and the calls from an increasing number of charities to give. I now have over 10 missed calls from one charity call centre over a one week period asking me to set up a Regular donation. Im not in a position to do so But give when I can.

But this is never enough and the bad stories keep flooding in.

Charities like Oxfam know good news in many ways can be more motivating for people to lend their support. If something good is happening, you want to help to keep that good flowing.

This blog is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.