The best and worst of Bestival

The good things about going to a music festival with kids:

– You dont have to organise babysitters

– They can help hold the food and drink

– They have full on entertainment all day and are kept so busy they pass out either on the picnic rug/ trailer contraption (that are everywhere at Camp Bestival) while you rock to good music

– Its a holiday that has something for everyone

– Good training for when they decide to go to festivals in their teens (coping with blocked loos, queues, astronomically expensive food, skills that will stand them in good stead for later life (making mud pies, blowing huge bubbles, practicing hand-stands, an appreciation of all types of music)

And now the bad……..

– walking, our kids dont do walking unless their is a promise of ice-cream at the other end

– not getting ideas for becoming a crusty later in life

– too much bass – we didnt have ear defenders (tricky to keep on baby boy and daughter sayscthey are ‘not cool’

– The cost of children’s meals…

– Having to put them to bed……. at some point

– But getting up early regardless

The biggest downside was putting up the tent and lugging the gear  from the car to the tent and back again without a trolley. My husband managed it but then went on about being ‘better than the marines’.

The queues on the road leaving the festival (then having someone drive into the back of us at a roundabout).

Then the insurance claim paperwork to deal with.

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