The South-East squeeze

Just had to say no to interview for a very well paid job because a) I currently live too far away and b) if I moved closer I wouldnt be able to afford housing.

The property bubble in London seems to have bounced its way into other counties, leaving home ownership exclusive to the very wealthy.

Trouble is we cant all be wealthy can we? Someone has to drive tractors, teach kids, do civil service roles and all the many other needed, but not very well paid, skills that are sought to keep society ticking over. These people also need somewhere half decent to live.

What about those people who live in an area that is considered to be ‘commutable to London’ yet do not work in London? They get squeezed out of the area because they cant compete with buyers with capital salaries.

Then there’s tax…..

I am not sure after expensive accommodation and tax bills there is much left to cover rising food bills. I really wonder how people on low income salaries get by these days, no wonder there are food banks and appeals popping up everywhere.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.