For many tonight’s BBC programme ‘Vertigo Road trip’ is as interesting as watching paint dry. Big deal, they crossed a bridge, ascended a mountain in a cable car, served ice tea from a high balcony, jumped from a diving board.

I found the programme boring but every time they showed a clip of the drop from the bridge, the cable car, the balcony and the diving board, I couldn’t look.

I hate heights. As soon as I climb above sea level in whatever form: car, cable car, bridge etc I tense up and get angry, irritable and not very pleasant to be with. On honeymoon we went on a cable car up above the rainforest canopy. I was snappy with my hubby and when I got to the top I couldn’t get anywhere near the viewing platform, even when my husband tried to drag me to it I wouldn’t do it.

On the whole, I like getting out of my comfort zone but when it comes to heights……. nah don’t think so.

What I struggle with is that heights pull me. When I see a drop I just want to jump to  get over the issue of me being high up above the ground. I was once told I would make a good skydiver.

I think skydiving would be the ultimate challenge between me and the coffin. I wonder if I will ever do it?

In the meantime I will remain in awe of these guys and their bravery to climb tall buildings –

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