The birthplace of British politics?

Thanks to the HMRC (my favourite Government department), I have a bit more time on my hands. This has been quickly swallowed up by a couple of part-time jobs a bit above minimum wage (and 16 hours a week as a minimum in order to receive help with childcare costs – another freak HMRC rule).

For four years I have attended events run by my daughter’s school pta, but have never been able to help due to work and time constraints. So having found myself in the privileged position of ‘lady of leisure’, I have volunteered my time. A few emails and a couple of meetings later and I now have a committee role.

I am very glad to help but feel that I am on the precipice of the deep and dark hole that is ‘Mummy Politics’. I have delved in it before at my daughter’s pre-school and I still bear the scars. You would think that there would be nothing remotely controversial about organising some social and fundraising events for a school? In fact, once involved it is vey difficult to stay in this serene situation because doing anything ‘voluntary’ requires energy, patience, more patience and very very thick skin.

I know of one Mum who resigned from the PTA because she couldnt stand the politics……she remains a parish councillor though.

In fact move over Ed Miliband and David Cameron, if they want to find out more about point-scoring in the run-up to an election campaign they only have to venture into a playground at drop-off time to see the homeland and birthplace of politics.

And I have just said yes to organising the fireworks night (I have issues with saying ‘no’…as expressed in a previous blog hence why I get myself into situations that are very often worth blogging about).

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.