Pancakes, Frozen and Trains

As usual this morning, I reluctantly got out of bed. As soon as I was downstairs my daughter announced that it was pancake day and ‘where are the pancakes?’ I groaned and mumbled about doing it later but then decided I had no excuse and pancake were best eaten at breakfast, so, fuelled by a cup of tea,I set to work mixing and flipping. The children were happy pouring copious amounts of maple syrup on their pancakes and waaaay too much sugar. I later did the same for hubby and I for tea. The first course was bacon and maple syrup toppings and the second sounds vile, but was actually a scrummy combination of rhubarb, plain yoghurt and maple syrup. There is something about pancakes that leave your tummy very satisfied. I like them infused with things like berries and alternative toppings, such is there versatility. However, I estimate I have consumed at least 10 pancakes today so I am now very happy to give the a rest fro my diet for a while.

Another thing we have overdosed on recently is the film Frozen. We were invited to a ‘sing-a-long-a’ Frozen film party at a ocal cinema, complete with actors on stage, special effects and props. I have never seen so many Anna and Elsas in one small area and I was thankful my two children were not dressed up as I could easily spot them. Despite my 9 year old thinking it was a bit ‘uncool’, this didnt stop her joining in with all the dance routines and singing. My son was on the edge of his seat chanting ‘Run Sven RUN’ at the appropriate moments in the film.

But, for my daughter, the most exciting part of the day was when we stood on a railway bridge and waved at a train and she saw the driver wave back and then he sounded the trains horn – she was soo excited and said ‘its just like the railway children!’. It just goes to show the old stories are still the best.

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