Relentless does a good job of describing its meaning as it is 3 syllables but seems to go on for longer.

In my current role, as a housewife and working part-time, there are days, like I imagine most housewives experience, when you dont come up for air. Why do kids not reply when you ask about School but then leave it til 8pm, just before bed, to let rip on the pressures of tests, maths work, class groups streamed to ability and life in general? ………. and she’s only 8. She said, ‘I dont want to grow up I dont want to get a job and get married, its all too much like hard work’.

I couldnt agree more. So I feel this huge weight of guilt that I brought this person into the world to ‘endure’. Its sad that she is discovering this so young. After trying to calm her and wind her down for bed, I then went to lay down myself. I have been struggling with the shivers and nausea since my tummy bug episode over the weekend and I have to force food down my throat as I have no appetite.

After a minute on the bed the doorbell rings, hubby is in the pouring rain having got off his motorbike. He couldnt find the spare key, the bike wouldnt go into neutral and he was wet through. Then he wanted to talk to me about his day and wanted to know what was for dinner. Then Tescos arrived while I was doing a quick bit of dog training in the kitchen. While the dinner cooked I shoved more washing in the dryer and popped some more ibuprofen to keep the fever at bay.

I’m only typing all this so that when I am old and twiddling my thumbs I can relish the boredom.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.