An unproportionate reaction from Cameron and Obama

I cant think of any other conflict in history where the word ‘proportionate’ is used to justify a massacre.

Palestinian people are being oppressed and they are using terrorism as a final ditch attempt to buy freedom. It tends to happen (South Africa apartheid…..World War 2). Obama and Cameron seem to be chained into this illogical thinking that is at odds with mainstream public opinion. The answer is to free Palestine. Why have the Israelis got Cameron and Obama by the balls? Even the British media seem to work hard to ensure ‘balanced’ reporting, which appears to be more in favour of promoting the Israeli PR machine.

The Israeli bombardment is barbaric and wrong, international support (from people with brains and a conscience) is waning and pretty soon Cameron and Obama will be swimming 7up the river of political suicide floating on palestinian blood.

In contrast to the political lunatics, I was heartened to hear of the protests in London reported on the Huffington Post. Lets hope fighting stops and a peace deal is arranged before more vulnerable and innocent civilians lose their lives.

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UK & US Governments assist war crimes

Today is the second anniversary of this blog, set-up to raise money for Unicef. The other reason for setting it up was to help raise awareness and boost the profile of national and international causes (as well as my rants about various elements of life). One of my earliest blogs was about the ongoing war between the Israelis and Palestinians and how the Israelis continue to persecute the Palestinians. I believe strongly that not enough is being done to stop the Israeli Government from killing innocent civilians, in fact the UK and US Governments are actually assisting their war crimes, by supplying arms to Israel.

Now the war has struck up again. I will hand over to Amnesty International on the campaign to put a stop to this illogical and immoral support of Israel: 

 Gaza: Stop the arms, stop the killing

It began just after four o’clock on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Four young boys, all cousins from the same family, were playing football on a Gaza beach.

The Israeli shelling rained down – killing all four children. The mother of one of the boys was pictured crying out in despair outside the morgue in Gaza.

Since the Israeli military offensive ‘Operation Protective Edge’ launched on 8 July, scores of civilians have been killed and injured. This deadly battle has wreaked further havoc, punishment and devastation on Gaza’s blockaded population, with Gaza’s children caught in the crossfire.

Indiscriminate targeting of civilians is against international law. But countries, including the UK, continue to supply weapons to Israel and potentially facilitate these war crimes.

How many deaths will be enough?

The horrific human toll of the violence is mounting. The past eleven days of violence have seen at least 237 Palestinian deaths (52 of them children) and more than 1,700 injured.

Thousands have fled their homes, or what was left of them. Those that stayed are being denied basic services: over half of Gaza’s population is now without water.

And with the ground invasion now under way, we expect the numbers of civilian casualties and the destruction of Gaza’s crippled infrastructure to increase.

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg spoke out against Israel’s retaliatory shelling, dubbing it ‘deliberately disproportionate’ and amounting to ‘collective punishment’.

Palestinian armed groups have also launched dozens of indiscriminate rockets into Israel. Two Israelis have been killed.

We are not innocent bystanders

Last year the UK sold £6.3 million-worth of arms to Israel. We know that some arms sold by the UK government have been used to commit human rights violations in Gaza in the past.

And if the UK continues to supply arms – even indirectly – it is likely the UK will be helping to facilitate war crimes.

Stop all arms sales – don’t facilitate war crimes

We’re urging the UK government to suspend all arms transfers to Israel.

We also want to see:

  • the UK government to call on other states to stop their arms transfers to Israel, Hamas and any other armed group until there is no longer a substantial risk that such items will be used for serious violations of international humanitarian law or serious human rights abuses.
  • an end to indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

Our action to the UK Government is part of a campaign by Amnesty activists around the world to halt sales in their countries and call for a UN arms embargo.



Blame – we are like a bunch of kids when things don’t go our way aren’t we?

There have been a couple of stories since the Olympics started of athletes throwing their toys out of the pram and blaming others for their failure. Cavendish and his team blamed other cyclists for their defensive tactics in preventing them from making any progress. Ben Ainslie the sailor is also blaming others for his failure to get a medal so far too. The funny thing is when things go well and we experience success we don’t say it was because of the other person, no – it was down to our own abilities and skills. In the interests of preserving our self esteem, when things go right it was all down to us because we are great. When things go wrong, of course it wasn’t our fault it was somebody else/ another team/ an umpire’s decision/ faulty equipment etc etc.

In a political situation blame gets so complex you can’t see where it starts and ends. Take the news that Kofi Annan has bailed out of the Syria peace deal. The finger is being pointed at members of the security council – including our country and the US – as well as the Syrian Government itself. Kofi has issues with us, the US, Russia and Turkey all putting our own political agendas ahead of solving the issue quickly to save people’s lives which is not to side with anyone just get on with following his 6 step plan. It is sad that Kofi feels he is left with no other choice because of this blame stale mate.

It seems it doesn’t matter how old you are, your background, country of origin etc when things go pear shaped we can’t take the heat. In that respect we never ever graduate from the playground. In fact kids probably deal with issues a lot better than us and it is just growing up that creates problems. Maybe we should get David Cameron, Obama, Ainslie and Cavendish to congregate in a playground and observe how kids do it – they might just learn something.

A bit of a philosophical one today. On a lighter note I am delighted with my attempt at baking a cake for my dad’s birthday that looks exactly like the picture in the recipe book. Although I think it is a one-hit wonder. It is often the case with me that the first attempt is pretty good but then subsequent attempts get progressively worse. Maybe explains why I have stuck with the same man since I was 17.

Hope you enjoyed reading this – if so please donate £1 or $1 to Unicef – the whole reason why I am doing this blog.