Solace in the ‘go tos’

Everyone has their ‘go to’. Its not until you feel s*** that you realise how many ‘go tos’ you have. For a situation where I need to feel better about myself, my ‘go tos’ are edible and drinkable. Following a big argument with my hubby tonight over work (I wont bore you with the details but from where I was standing it was ‘hubby doesnt like new job and length of commute so turns to wife and wonders why she isnt doing ‘more’. The answer: I could earn more but this would mean hubby doing more on childcare side, which he wont do. I cant earn a low average salary because childcare costs would cancel out my earnings. So, I can only earn peanuts’. Sound familiar?

So, my go to for feeling inadequate were (in the precise order that they were consumed):

Salt & vinegar crisps

Peanut butter on toast

The children’s chocolate (which I will now have to replace), consisting of: Twirl and Fudge – enjoyed eating until I felt mildly sick followed by mildly guilty (because I am on the no sugar diet).

My 8 year old daughter also bore witness to the trials of life as a modern woman (i.e perform miracles earning a fraction more than the minimum wage while looking after  toddlers, covering school runs and keeping the house one hoover away from looking like a bomb had just hit…..oh and walking the dogs, and occasionally making contact with all the in-laws and doing the shopping, buying all the Christmas presents and doing the washing, and exercising so body is still in a good shape (though cant do much about the pelvic floor…..get the brownie points for pushing them out but marked down for other reasons that you might hazard a guess at).

Sound bitter?

Your Goddamn f***** right.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.