a good name for Sunday

The birds were twittering, the sun was kinda out, I was in a better mood thanks to some sleep. It was one of those days when you have no plans other than to do what the mood (and life in general) takes you. In this case it was tackling a flower bed I have long since wanted yo sort out, but in previous years not tackled because by the time I decide to do something the clay soil is rock hard and only a JCB would make anything mood.

So I set to with my shovel and trowel, ably assisted by my baby boy, while hubby and daughter tackled barnacles underneath our little boat ready for the 2015 ‘season’. 

After a few hours I had managed to re-locate the stubborn lilies to another bed and extract all the roots from the one I was doing up. The boat was gleaming too. Next door neighbour’s son then came in for a play on the ‘ship’, they put on their life jackets and pretended they were sailing on the high seas in front of our house (fuelled by chocolate marshmallows). 

‘Twas a good Sunday and we didn’t spend a penny. Just wish we had this weather all year round..

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.

Brownies unplugged

Last night I got hooked on Pinterest and ended up with table titis, a condition with increased sensitivity to light and being awake because of hours spent scaring at a blue screen. Hence the missed blog because I just needed to close them. I ‘binge pin’ on Pinterest. I don’t look at it for ages then when I do log in that’s it I’m hooked til lights out and pin a zillion items.

Today I am a proud parent because my daughter cooked us all a three course meal to work towards her Brownie ‘cook’ badge. We had two courses as the third was jelly and she hadn’t appreciated how long it would take to set so we have that to look forward to tomorrow (she had a small meltdown that the jelly wouldn’t be ready in time but she quickly recovered and got on with it). I didn’t help her except to point out the location of the ingredients and to hold the sieve while she poured out the contents as the pan was heavy. She did stuffed tomatoes for starters (I have never done this in my life so was bowled over by how she worked her way conscientiously through the recipe). For main she did the most delicious bolognaise sauces, taken from Davina McCall’s sugar free recipe book. I have never seen baby boy’s mouth open so wide as he shovelled in each mouthful and he got through sister’s very generous helping. 

I took pictures of her cooking each stage so that Brown Owl has all the evidence. I couldn’t believe how determined and focused my daughter was in working for this badge and all the great things she was doing on a Sunday to help her family. Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Scouts etc are definitely the antidote to all these screens we have in front of us, helping to ‘unplug’ children and get them doing.

This blog is for UNICEF, thanks for reading. 

October is the new August

It is that time of year when you start to get a tickle in your throat and a snuffle in your nose. That combined with two glasses of wine, a tummy full of curry and a day spent painting the garden fence meant bed beckoned early, minus the blog post – so £1 in the pot to Unicef, as per the fundraising initiative.

I admit it became obsessive yesterday – a wooden fence, a large tub of green paint, kids occupied, a dry October day – it didnt get better than that – it was project paint the fence.

I also got paint on my face, hands, trainers, jumper and jeans. As it was green I looked slightly mouldy, perfect for Halloween preparations. The children were having fun in the front garden in the ‘trench’ that had been dug up for the new car park area. Every now and then I went to check on them and tried not to look at how muddy and brown their faces and clothes were quickly becoming.

Sometimes doing things on impulse, just because the weather is good and doing an activity that doesnt cost anything or requires you to drive anywhere can be immensely satisfying. During the day I turned a brown fence green, while I turned green too and the children turned brown. Not often you can enjoy so much quality time outside in late October.

Today I went out on a ride on my friend’s horse, when he went loony after my Jack Russell decided to chase and bark at him while were cantering along. But she had a grin on her face the entire time, which gave her something else to think about other than picking a fight with her Mum.

We then got the boat out of the water for the winter and my son enjoyed feeling for barnacles on the hill while my daughter helped scrub seagull poo off the deck.

Turns out October is the new August.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.