One life

I thought today about all the opportunities that we choose to turn our backs on in favour of a particular route. We have to make these decisions early on in life, then…around about middle-age…you start to question some of those decisions. It is a completely pointless exercise, since nothing can be changed and a bit depressing as reflections and decisions taken in middle age no longer have the flexibility of youth to give them room to grow. 

There are many things in life you only get one hit at. Taking that hit while you are young carries less risk and gives longevity. When you are older it’s much more of a gamble and success is minimal. 

On reflecting on those things you can no longer achieve, it’s a bit sobering to think you will go to your grave having never experienced them. My bucket list will start when I am 40.

It sounds cliched but if fundamental decisions in life are led with the heart, the outcome will eventually be the happiest even if it wasn’t intended. At 36, it’s the unexpected that has revealed the most exciting, fulfilling and happiest moments in life to date.

In summary, I didn’t plan to have children, yet now I have two……enough said.

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Interesting lives´╗┐

Life becomes more interesting when you meet people that make you think. 

Sometimes they make you think in a positive way, others negative. Either way they rock our little bubble of existence with a different perspective. 

Today I met an inspirational person whose life had been transformed by a guide dog. She talked about how her dog had sensed things ahead that could have put her in harms way, yet if alone she would never have guessed what was round the next corner. Animals have a level of sensitivity that we are barely capable of. 

I met a guy the other day who has six children, yet he still finds the time to volunteer to teach children in his spare time – sharing knowledge of a sport that he loves and inspiring a generation.

Then I see mums who are bringing up children on low incomes, with the capacity to love and cope despite the struggle, because parenthood is a struggle, even more so when money isn’t easy to come by.

Lots of people doing things against the odds. So next time you overcome something, achieve something, or just get through the day – give yourself a pat on the back.

This blog is for UNICEF.

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