Go Green Girl

Four men representing four political parties. Three of those parties have already contributed to regretful events in the country’s history. The other party will achieve change in two main ways: quadruple the numbers of people emigrating from England, significantly increase the circulation figures of The Daily Mail amongst the remaining population. All men will attempt to convince 50 per cent of the population why they should, once again, listen to a man.

This is the news that Nigel Farage will be joining Ed, David and Nick on mainstream political parties. Caroline Lucas, from The Green Party, whose party has had an MP for four years longer than UKIP has not been invited to join them.

So, mainstream channels are ignoring two of the most important issues affecting the world today – the environment and equality – in favour of a fascist bigot.

This is ‘Votes For Women’ 2015 -lets club together and kick political ass.

Go Caroline Lucas – vote to get her on the political televised debate here.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.