An oily subject

We continue on the quest for a greener alternative to oil as a heating fuel.

My husband has wood, lots of it and it is free. We just need to figure out how to burn it in a way that will heat our radiators and hot water.

So we looked more into the cost of wood burner boilers. It appears there is a good reason why not many people have them in their homes – the majority of people (including us) do not have £14000 – £18000 to purchase the boiler (and thats before any money is spent on installing it).

There is an incentive from the Government that pays 12p per kw per hour generated (which for our house would be 23000 hours per year. However, that is still not enough to convince us to make an investment. Whatsmore, the addition of the boiler will not add value to the house, if anything it devalues it, because it is bulky and not everyone has copius amounts of wood to burn. Energy Performance Certificates are not held in high regard – people are still more interested in kerb appeal than green credentials. Why do you think Range Rover sales are so high?

So think we are back to plan A getting the wood burner in the fireplace connected up to the system instead – just need to get the chimney re-lined first…oh and the fireplace expanded…….and the plumbing put in.

Whats the price of oil again?

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