disposable potential

There are two things in this world that are disposable but have the potential to change lives: money and time.

The two are inextricably linked. Like so many people in this world, my husband and I are low on cash and low on time and in this situation it often feels you are going nowhere fast. I am fortunate enough to have the flexibility to use my time as I wish, partly because childcare costs mean I am at home.

My husband is shifting career paths and has taken a reduced salary in order to do this. When he isnt working, he is driving, when he isnt doing either of those he is sleeping. I suppose I am just trying to do the right thing by everyone and help put a bit too, which often feels like my life and how it is divided resembles a complex multi-coloured pie-chart.

He is trying to negotiate a better deal, one in which a family of four could be sustained, but it isnt easy.

I re-assure him that as long as we can afford a roof over our heads and food in the cupboard we cant ask for more.

It is at times like these when you realise how much inflation is winning the race over earnings and foodbanks and foodbank collections in local shops are now more and more commonplace.

This blog is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.