Christmas magic wishes for everyone

It is now Christmas Day and I have to say Christmas Eve is one of the most exhausting night’s of the year for parents who tread precariously with children who still believe in Father Christmas but are old enough to have their doubts.

From sending emails posing as FC, to getting my stepdad to write the FC gift tags to buying special wrapping paper and hiding everything in the attic. Retaining the magic of Christmas is hard work and only possible if you try and believe in it yourself, although in parents it is only alive in the children’s excitement and belief. Which is why it is so important that the belief can be eeked out for as long as possible.

I have had way too much panettone and I am indulging in a screening of Gone With The Wind and looking forward to seeing the children’s excitement tomorrow morning.

Im hoping everyone finds their own magic this Christmas.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.