Getting on with it

I was up until nearly 1am last night applying for the opportunity to train as a social worker and fulfil an ambition that I have held now for a number of years but have not been in a financial position to take the plunge. Hence my lack of blog post last night so another £1 in the pot to Unicef.

The training is part of the Step Up to Social Work programme funded by Central Governmet. In addition to funding the course, funding is also provided to cover living costs, which is a relief as it means I wont havetoworry about chidcare.It is a full-time course over 14 months, so intensive an , for me, exciting. However, I have just secured a fixed tem contract in my current career, whichwill begreat for th time being but I know it is a means to an end, which is a relief. That is, of course, that my application is accepted and that I pass the assessment tests.

Some members of my fammily dont believe I am cut ot for it. In many ways this makes me more determined, but I will leave it to the professionals to decide whether I would be any good at it or not. For now it lies as desire within me to make a difference to the most vulnerable children in our society.

My husband is exhausted from his current job and the commuting he is doing so isnt in the right frame of mind to discuss anything. I broached the subject of moving our daughter to another school if her learning continued to deterioriate and he completey brick-walled the idea for no sensible reason other than he was narked that I had looked into the options without consulting with him first. I figured he was too busy and to get involved in research on education so I did the initial work myself. Aparently that was the worn thing to do.

So exhausted from an argument, I cried and cried,, wondering what I had to do to make life a little easier for him so that he wouldnt be so tense every night so that I was not abe to raise any issue of concern for fear of arguments.

Then I got the email that the social work training programme was now accepting applications. So I was glad to put down the pillow I was burying my head in and just got on with it.

Thats the only way to live life.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

Coconut & Kitsch

I have just drunk a cup of coffee mixed with coconut milk and it tasted good. I am also wearing a small Jack Russell porcelain ornament on a necklace around my neck on an impulse buy this morning – it is a strange mixture of cute and bad taste, I suppose you would describe it as ‘kitsch’. However as I passed it dangling in the shop window it pulled me like a magnet because it looked like one of my dogs when she was a puppy. However, the way it is assembled looks as if the dog is literally hanging from its neck ie being hung, or it is playfully dangling – I see it in different lights according to my mood. It was relatively cheap (funny that) so it is not as if I spent a fortune on something whimsical  – I am a fan of spending money for better causes.

Nethertheless, like the bag I have covered in boats, it was something that ‘I had to have in my life’. My husband succumbs to these temptations too but they tend to be a lot bigger budget (machines mainly). I knew he would grumble at my hung dog so I decided not to mention it, despite the fact that it is dangling around my neck – he hasnt noticed it yet – shows how often he looks at my chest…

This is a short one today as I have had my head in a computer for long enough already filling out another job application. In an ideal world I would be a social worker, but until they bring back the one year degree conversion training, I will plough on through my existing ditch, in an effort to avoid the dead-end that is looming.

I think the message from today’s post is try something different if your gut says go with it, even if its coconut milk and porcelain miniature dogs on chains.

This blog is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.

Handle with Care

I have forgotten how to work. Meeting my husband’s cousins who both hold down high-powered jobs in the city reminded me of the world of computers, phones, offices and emails. I have had the most wonderful break from it. Many people nowadays say that women need the balance of being a mum and also holding down a job for ‘intellectual stimulation’. The only thing that work stimulates is my anxiety levels and the ability to care terribly about things that really don’t matter very much. In fact there are more jobs that don’t matter than jobs that do.  when I say ‘matter’, I mean those jobs that make a difference to people’s lives.

My job does not make a difference, not to other people and not even to my bank balance once childcare is accounted for. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it. I enjoy being a parent more. Both have their ups and downs but motherhood has fulfilment in bucket-loads.

So I have been trying to find a new career path that will reciprocate some of that fulfilment during daylight bourse while my children are at school and later leading their own lives. I have opted for social work, which requires a whole new set of skills and qualification. I would particularly like to specialise with children. I have expressed this with my Mum, who doesn’t think my sensitive nature is cut out for the job.   I haven’t discussed it in any detail with my husband yet as he is still sorting out his own career. But I have a quiet determination to bring about this change and I am secretly excited about putting myself to better use between now and the grave.

Time with your children is invaluable when they are precious to you. There are some people who don’t value their children and even harm them. That is why I want to go into social work because all children deserve to feel precious.

I am blogging every day to raise money for UNICEF, a charity that works to protect vulnerable children world-wide. Please help the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.