Before Halloween…

Missed my post last night owing to a girly night out to see ‘Before I go to Sleep’ starring Nicole Kidman. I read the book prior to seeing the film, which sometimes work as a disadvantage because you find yourself comparing the screenplay with the plot of the book and saying ‘no thats not supposed to happen then’. The section of the film where she is seeking forgiveness and expects her husband to reciprocate was spoilt for me because I knew what was coming next from the book, everyone jumped when the husband hits her apart from me because I knew it was coming.

My friend then proceeded to clutch me throughout the film sending my pretzels flying every time something remotely nail-biting occurred. I made a mental note not to watch a scary movie with her. I was surprised at her reaction however, because this is the friend who chose to pick a fight with a sailor zombie in the middle of a scare maze at Thorpe Park in Halloween. She accused him of groping her unnecessarily! Not often you can say that when being attacked by a zombie.

I am looking forward to Halloween as our street takes it very seriously. One of my neighbours even sets up a scene with members of the family acting as ghosts and ghouls. Last year visitors walked past black figures standing in the front garden to get to the treats, not knowing when they are going to jump out at you. The year before as I reached to get the treat from a table down a dark side passage while my friends stood waiting nervously by the hedge, some hands grabbed my legs! I had my baby boy in a backpack so he freaked too.

Conveniently a large wolf spider  has made a web right next to our front door so I wont have to do too much decorating.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.