Town mouse country mouse

Sometimes I fantasise about living in the big smoke, amongst the hubub of the crowds, the traffic, the shops, the culture, the cosmopolitan atmosphere. London in particular contains a kind of energy that you cant help feeling as soon as you step off the train. I love going there with my daughter and once baby boy is older he will enjoy it even more. There is no need to spend any money once you have arrived, just a walk along the embankment, or a bus ride down Oxford Street is enough to absorb the sights and sounds.

But then I look out of our window at the scrubland and trees behind our gate, the barn owl gliding above the bushes on the hunt for mice and the bats zipping across the garden at dusk and I think, this beats man-made entertainment. Nature has a vibe all of her own and it is on a completely different level.

As for kids growing up in both environments, both have their pros and cons. Country kids probably don’t have as much opportunity to appreciate different cultures and have less access to events and experiences. City kids are less likely to experience nature with less access to forest schools and long walks in the country-side. My daughter recently enjoyed meeting pupils from a school in London, they couldn’t believe there was only one shop and that there was no street-lighting. Its amazing that children living in the same country cam experience such very different environments and upbringing.

But now the Government wants cities to get bigger to accommodate the need for more housing. So what happens to our green bits in-between? What will be left for future generations of kids? England is a small island in comparison to many European countries, where are we expected to go for some fresh air in 50 years time when all these houses have been built?

Where are the barn owls going to hunt? Where are they going to live?

I am blogging every day for Unicef.

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